Hunt The Wumpus

If you can predict when and where some phenomenon will occur or be observed then perhaps you understand something about the world.

These pages will attempt to bring my experience in hard-headed data science to the analysis of (primarily) sighting data combined with any other data series I find online to answer questions and/or provide evidence of aerial and underwater phenomena.

Archive of public USENET posts on UFO's.

[last update: Thu Apr 29 11:13:01 UTC 2021].

Still Under Construction

Teaser: sea-ice density across the Arctic Ocean highly correlates with UFO sightings

Correlating daily sea-ice from sat radar returns against daily UFO sightings shows interesting geographic patterns suggesting folklore about "Siberian UFO bases" may hold some water. here.

Teaser: Voyager probes seemed to change UFO activity

The smoothed UFO sightings curve seems to support the stats model that finds alternating alarm and habituation as the 2 Voyager probes first approached and then receded from the outer planets. The visit by V2 to Neptune seems to have created a permanent state of "alert".

NUFORC monthly sightings 1950-2000

Zoom: 1975-2000

Teaser: things that predict UFO sightings:

  • Ocean temperatures at interesting locations e.g. Sea of Japan, NE Siberia, location of Atlantis.
  • Polar sea ice
  • Atmospheric N2O
  • Seasonal blooms of polar plankton
  • Cosmic ray neutron counts

    Some very preliminary plots.

    Expected initial pages due 01 Dec 2020 (but be prepared for slippage).