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HUD image from recent encounter between fighter jet and weather baloon or swamp gas.

"i believe in et's but i'm not convinced by ufo evidence"
from the data -- more "intelligent" ufo behaviour
how many flying saucers are there?
nazi ufo's
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ufo's and mass animal deaths (1/2)
ufo's and mass animal deaths (2/2)
ufo's and earthquakes (1/3)
ufos and earthquakes
biden admin may finally break "ufo taboo"
ufo sightings up "because of pandemic"
ufo distribution across n am
ufos and plankton (1/n)
ufos and missing persons (1/n)
where do ufos come from?
how fast are ufos?
deduced flight time of ufos from outer planets
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(another) annual ufo migration
"there is no proof ufo's are interplanetary"
prospects for offworld ufo bases
ufos and missing persons (2/n)
ufos and the pandemic
ufos and the pandemic -- lagged regrs at daily granularity
green fireballs
voyager grand tour seems to explain bumps in historical ufo sightings
european ufo sightings upto 2017 parallel local 2020 covid cases
digging into florida's sinkholes
uk ufos and missing persons
volcanoes and ufos (1/n)
ghost rockets (2/n)
hunting the wumpus -- ufos and polar ice
ufos and polar ice (2/n)
ufos and seaice: alaska chapter
ufo's and sea surface temperatures
ufo weather -- predicting ufo sightings ahead of time
ufos and tornadoes -- tracking flight routes with "passive radar"
ufos and tornadoes -- tracking flight routes with "passive radar" (2/n)
where do russian ufos come from, mummy?
ufos and cattle mutilations hint at ufo society
ufos seem to operate on 360-day bible calendar
ufos and cattle mutilations (2/n)
the hole at the south pole
ufos and lake monsters
ufos and crop circles (1/n)
decoding uk crop circles
modeling ufo interplanetary travel
new kids in town -- pyramid ufos and planetary movements
jellyfish ufos (1/2)
jellyfish ufos (2/2)