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UPDATE 16 Aug 2015: This stuff is old. Very old. The server has changed architecture at least once in the past 20y. Files have been lost. And even Perl has changed.
But I've managed to re-compile the sources, hack the Perl, and get this running again.
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to rebuild the index files so things will appear from 15y back but no longer be present. But at least you'll get a KWIC idea of what has gone.
On the plus side, index lookups are now 1000x faster than they were in 1996 when I first put this stuff online.
Bon (whatever)!

This is a simple glimpse-based query interface for Kym's public web pages.

A query can consist of one or more keywords in glimpse format (e.g. "foo;bar" finds all articles with both "foo" and "bar" in the same line) and it will return a list of every line in every file in my public files that matches the query. If you click on the line number in the query results, your browser will jump to the corresponding line in the original file.

More information is available in the help file (you might want to jump straight to the section on patterns).

What terms would you like to search for?
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Number of errors allowed:
Maximum number of files returned:
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